Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Peace Festival

This past Sunday Closer to Earth youth showcased a table at the annual OKC Peace Festival.

We started the morning harvesting lettuce at the farm, then loaded into our 'faithful' white van and headed to the Civic Center. Our table included: produce, popcorn, hot cider, worm castings, t-shirts, socks, mushroom logs and handmade cards. The youth took turns manning the table and collecting recycling and compost materials from the crowd and other vendors.
I think the crowds were impressed with our massive sweet potatoes and fresh broccoli. We sold a good amount of sweet potatoes and a bit of lettuce. It was a great experience for our crew to interact with their larger community and to explain what they are doing on the farm. I was so proud to hear them telling their stories and sharing the information they have learned. If you signed up to volunteer with us we'll be contacting you soon. Thanks to our youth for the great job they did and thanks to our community for supporting us!
- Rachel

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