Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greenhouse Operation

After incurring severe damaged in the hailstorm last spring our green house was in great need of a new cover (or glaze). On Dec 11th Closer to Earth’s youth and volunteers successfully recovered our greenhouse. We postponed recovering the greenhouse several times, waiting for a wind free day. Our wind free day never came exactly…so we had to just go for it. We were amazed to get it covered in the semi windy conditions that Saturday. It took a lot of pulling, and stretching, and standing on plastic, and more pulling, but we did it. Our greenhouse is covered in a double layer of polyvinyl plastic that can be inflated with a small fan to create a insulating layer. We don’t heat our greenhouse but with the protection of our cover we can grow lush lettuce, and other greens all winter long. In freezing weather we give our greens a bit more protection by covering them in a thin garden fabric.

We are proud to announce that Forward Foods on 50th & Western is selling our lettuce, arugula and sweet potatoes. Forward Foods is incredibly supportive of Closer to Earth’s work and we look forward to supplying them with lots on fresh produce in seasons to come. Prohibition Room off 23rd and Classen is also using some of our greens and sweet potatoes in their dishes. We are so grateful to have the support of our local business and community. Be sure to stop in Forward Foods and Prohibition room and ask for our produce!

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